Monday, July 13, 2009

The 'Yanulpan' behemoth

I always feel very excited every time I discover a new type of panoramic camera. This time I found the 'Yanulpan', a behemoth large format swing lens panoramic camera. The discovery was serendipitous, as I was searching ebay for panoramic cameras.

A little google search yielded quite a bit information about this camera. The 'Yanulpan delineator' cameras were hand made by Tom Yanul , a large format specialist.

These are very large format cameras and this particular one which is listed on ebay ( by Tom Yanul himself ) has 7" Dagor lens with 150 degrees horizontal coverage. A general description of the cameras he made can be found in this page .

Read more about Tom Yanul here . To know about the details of his camera visit the Yanulpan page. Some examples of panoramic shots of Chicago taken by this camera can be found here .

I thnak Mr. Yanul for allowing me to use the picture.

I later found a picture of the Yanulpan along with its creator Tom Yanul himself. I thank Metropole Paris for the picture.

Disclaimer: I'm no way related to the seller(s). Neither I'm endorsing their product anyway. If you are going to bid/buy based on the information I provided, bid/buy at your own risk.


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