Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Panoramic photographer: Michael von Graffenried

Watch noted panoramic photographer Michael von Graffenried
in action. He typically uses an Widelux and an X-pan

The original interview in German can be found here

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stereo panorama viewers

A few manufacturer produced hand held stereo panorama viewers. Notably the Japanese Gakken and the Super-view from Hong Kong. Though these are no longer produced, one can possibly find them in used market or online auction houses.

Keith Clatworthy maintains an excellent site on stereography. Click on the links to get more info on the Gakken viewer and the Super-view. I thank him for allowing to use these pics.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Panoramic stereo camera

Though a pair of pano-cameras can be used to shoot 3D panoramics, a single camera setup is often more desirable considering the ease of handling. One of the noteworthy models is made by Manfred Graumann. The details of the camera can be found here .

This camera utilizes a Meopta body similar to that used by Razzledog. The lenses are a pair of Mamiya Sekor 4.5/55mm with shutter speed from 1-1/500 sec and B(ulb). The camera shoots a pair 24x56mm transparencies.

To know more about early models of stereo panorama cameras have a look at the book "Stereoscopic Photography" By Arthur W. Judge. A limited preview version of it is available here.

Stereo panoramas

The expansive view of a panoramic shot can be further enhanced with the addition of the sense of depth by 3D or stereo rendition. A pair of normal panoramic cameras can be used to take two stereo pictures of the same scene. These pictures when seen through a stereo viewer provide a richer view of the scene.

I found many beautiful stereo 3D shots in the website of Mr. Henry Chung, who is an acclaimed cinematographer and stereo panorama specialist. You can view many stereo panoramas in his 3D-Gallery. If you can cross your eyes these size optimized panoramas yield a very interesting 3D experience.

I thank Mr. Chung for allowing me to use the pictures. To know more about the 3D stereographic products he offers, visit his informative web site.