Friday, April 30, 2010

Handmade 4x5 camera by Jack Tait

In the next few posts I'll provide information about some of the great handmade precision cameras by Jack Tait. Please read my previous blog posts to know about other handmade panoramic cameras made by Jack.

This is  4x5 wide angle  metal camera with large amount of rising front and can be used with a Horseman 6x12 panoramic back. It is  now owned and used by a physics professor in Lancashire, UK for architectural work.

I thank Mr. Tait for providing the pictures and information on the cameras. To know more about him and his works, visit his website:

The Horizon 205 PC camera

The horizon 205 is a medium format swing lens panoramic camera. This is manufactured by the same company in Russia, which also produces the Horizon 202 and S3 series of panoramic cameras. 

This camera utilizes 120 rollfilm and the frame size is 50mm x 110mm . The lens is a fixed 50mm f.3.5 - f.22 with vertical shift. The following shutter speeds are provided: 1 sec., 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/30, and 1/60. 

Thanks to the owner of for allowing me to use these pics. For more details and pictures of this unusual camera visit this page.

Do visit Nightphoto's homepage to know about many more interesting and unconventional cameras.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Photographica 73 show by PHSNE

Recently I've been to the Photographica 73 show organized by Photographic Historical Society  of  New England (PHSNE). This bi-annual event  offers members and the public an opportunity to browse and buy new and vintage photographic items that include cameras,lenses, accessories and old prints.

I was lucky enough to pick up a handmade 127 format  panoramic camera for $12 (!!!). I'll write about it sometime later.

If you're interested, visit the PHSNE website to know about their activities including auctions and about the next Photographica show.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Panophic swing lens panoramic camera

The Panophic swing lens panoramic camera was made by the Panon company of Japan, the same company also manufactured the legendary Widelux cameras

The pictures shown here are that of a camera which recently got sold in ebay. I thank the seller for allowing me to use these pics.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Pictures by 6x16 panoramic camera

Here are some example panoramic shots taken by Stan Patz by his 6x16 handmade panoramic camera. One can easily get the idea how beautiful they would look like when fully blown up.

Click on the pictures to see the bigger versions.

Visit Stan's website to see more of his works. For more details on this camera follow THIS link.

Please note that for all the pictures in this post ©Patz Imaging

Stan Patz's 6x16 panoramic camera

This 6x16 panoramic camera was hand built by renowned NY based photographer Stan Patz. The camera was fabricated out of two 6x9 rollfilm bodies. It has a scale focusing system and the lens is a 90mm Ilex Acugon. It took Stan more than one year of part time labor to finish this elegant camera. The camera takes four pictures on 120 film.

I thank Stan very much for allowing me to use the pics. He also provided some example panoramic pictures taken by this camera. I'll be posting them in my next blog entry. Please note that all of these images are copyrighted to Patz Imgaing.

Visit Stan's website to see more of his works. For more details on this camera follow THIS link.