Sunday, February 24, 2013

Al Satterwhite's "NikonWide" panoramic camera

A few hours ago I received a mail from Olaf Matthes about a handmade 35 mm panoramic camera known as the "NikonWide" and made by the well known photographer Al Satterwhite.  

Olaf pointed out an old thread in  describing some features of the camera. This was an interchangeable lens ( 65 and 135) 24 x 108 , 1:4 aspect ratio camera, made of two fused bodies. The camera also had an accurate self fabricated viewfinder.

Olaf also found a video on the camera, showing example shots and the lens changing procedure. I'll soon go through the book "Satterwhite on Color and Design" which contains some more details on the camera, and post it in my blog. 

Check the video , the first half being the Circuit , the classic rotational panoramic camera, the second part contains the details of the "NikonWide".

Many thanks to Olaf Matthes for this info, and motivating me to get out of my year long hibernation. For those who came late, click on Olaf Matthes link to know about his great handmade cameras.