Thursday, July 2, 2009

Razzledog's handmade 24x72 mm panoramic camera

In my earlier posts I've cited examples of some hand made 35mm panoramic cameras made by Olaf Matthes, Manfred Graumann and others.

I came across recently another such camera crafted by the renowned camera maker Razzledog.

For many of us who like handmade cameras, know how precious are Razzle's converted Polaroids. Apart from making fantastic 4x5s from obsolete Polaroids Razzle also takes interest in building panoramic cameras for both medium format and 35mm films.

More details about this camera's construction can be found in this APUG forum discussion thread. You may need to open a free account in APUG to see some of the pictures posted there. For more pictures of this camera visit this link. To find Razzle's some more panoramic cameras including handmade 6x17 go to this page.


Anonymous said...

Amazing to find such stuff about me...

Cheers, Razz.

Andrew Fildes said...

Regret to inform that Dean passed away recently after a long struggle with ill health. No more Razzles! I have managed to repatriate the 35mm panoramic to Australia, a camera which he knocked up from bits and pieces around his worksop on wet Sunday. He was agenius and will be missed.