Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Y-pan: A Nimslo panoramic conversion

The Nimslo is a high end 3D or lenticular 35mm stereo camera. The camera takes four half frames exposure to make a final 3d print. The length of the film path is thus two frames long. This 72 mm long film path makes it an ideal candidate for a 1:3 aspect ratio panoramic camera, when used with a suitable medium or large format lens. You can have a look into the inetrnals of the Nimslo here.

There are some sources in both printed media and the Internet where some aspects of Nimslo conversion are discussed. The intricate steps of the construction process are however rarely documented. I found the detailed Nimslo conversion work of TheOtherSimon to be very impressive. Converting the Nimslo is not an easy job, given the stubborn pieces of metal to be milled off and other technicalities. Considering the hard work and craftsmanship involved, Simon's effort is very commendable.

The 'Y-pan" as he calls it, can be considered as a cheap alternative to it's famed 'X' cousin. Converted Nimslo's, if fitted with a suitable lens can yield stunning pictures(see my review on Meehan's book). This camera may look a bit rugged but nevertheless serves its main purpose, which is to say taking nice pictures.

It's good to know that Simon is making books filled with a series of pictures taken by this camera titled 'Journeys with my camera'. By the summer of 2009, more details of the book and photo will be available from his website
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