Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Swing lens panoramic cameras by Renzo Guerin

Swing lens panoramic cameras are  harder to fabricate compared to their flatback equivalents. Apart from the mechanical intricacies involved, seldom one can used salvaged parts from other cameras like the body or film back /path. For these reasons examples of hand made swing lens panoramic cameras and related information are scanty compared to other type of panoramic cameras.

Over the years I was able to gather information on 3-4 swing lens cameras only for my blog  and that's why  I felt very happy  today when I stumbled upon not just one but two handmade swing lens panoramic cameras.

I found them mentioned in the blog of Guilherme Maranhao. It appears that these two cameras, one a 35mm panoramic and other one being medium format were handmade by Renzo Guerin from Brazil. Mr. Renzo Guerin worked as an engineer and is from Sao Paulo , Brazil. Since his teens, he was into making cameras.

The Medium format camera is made of  a 75 mm lens and the other one has a 35 mm.

The following video link shows clearly the swing movement of the 135 format camera which produces  long 24x70mm exposures, longer than the traditional Horizon, Widelux etc. cameras.

I thank Guilherme Maranhao for allowing me to use this pictures. More details and other pictures of these two cameras can be found in his blog post.

Note that Guilherme Maranhao is an award wining great photographer and  camera  tinkerer too. You can find  many posts on  DIY photographic techniques, Camera building and modification in his blog.

For more information on his artwork, exhibitions, awards etc. visit this page.

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