Saturday, May 6, 2017

A note on broken website links in my blog posts

My blog is more than eight years old now and many of the URLs I've provided went defunct over the years.

It is unfortunate to say the least that so many informative sites can no longer exist. However, for some of them the information can be recovered at least partially if the site has been archived.

For those who don't know how to check if a site is archived, please go to the"Wayback Machine" at 

Paste the link in the Wayback Machine text box and check if the site is archieved or not. In some cases you would see multiple snapshots of the page taken at different times. Check for a date/year closest to date of publication of that particular blog post where I mention about the web site. If your lucky you might be able to retrieve  some information at least. 

Secondly, if you come across any site you think worth archiving, you can submit that web link to the "Save Now" feature of Wayback's archiving tool

For a detailed method of archiving, please read this information:

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