Saturday, January 30, 2010

Panoramic conversion of FED stereocamera

This is again from the collection Mr. Walter Dubronner. The camera was made from the body of a Russian FED stereocamera. The 47mm Scneider Super-Angulon is fixed on a unit to focus from 3 meter to infinity. The negative size is an astonishing 24x93 mm !!!!

For viewing such long panoramic slides Mr. Dubronner uses special frames (40x110 mm) and a special slide projector. The scanned  negatives can be  projected with a high quality beamer on a 4 Meter screen For exhibition he uses prints in different formats like 20 x 60 cm and up to 60 cm x200 cm.

I thank Mr. Dubronner very much for providing the details of this (and other) unusual panoramic cameras.Click here to see his handmade 6x15 panoramic camera.  I'll soon be writing on the other panoramic camera from his collection.

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