Friday, January 8, 2010

A compositional/framing aid for photographers

The 'Visual Departures Visualizer' a nice gadget for previsualizing the scene to be photographed and for choosing the lens with the requisite focal length.The visualizer is made of plastic with a rectangular or square hole cut in it, matching the aspect ratio of the camera's format. A measuring tape is attched to it calibrated with an array of useful focal lengths.

One simply looks through the Visualizer's window from the required distance, moving it back and forth until the subject fills the window . Then the calibrated tape is pulled to "measure" the distance between the eye and the Visualizer to ascertain the focal length of the lens to be used.

This visualizer is available in a variety of camera formats from  B&H Photo Video

The link to this particular product is here

To have a look at the other side of the visualizer and in some other formats go to this page

I thank B&H Photo Video for allowing me to use this picture.

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