Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Voyager panoramic camera

The Voyager is a slit-scan rotational panoramic camera that uses 120 roll film and can use 28mm or 50mm Nikkor lenses. The exposure time can be varied from 1/125 to 2 seconds. The body is made of solid aluminium. The camera comes with a remote control that allows the photographer to actuate it at a particular moment and avoid his inclusion in the frame.

The camera is designed and fabricated by Mr. Gildas Le Lostec. The details of this camera can be found here. Do visit the gallery of captivating panoramas taken by this camera. More information can be found in  Gildas' web site

I thank Mr. Gildas Le Lostec for providing the details of this and some other cameras and permission to use the picture. 

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