Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Matt Sampson ingenuity: A great Mamiya 6x12 conversion

In another brilliant 6x12 panoramic conversion Matt Sampson used the film holder from a Mamiya Press 6x9. The camera also uses a 65mm. lens from the said camera.  

The modified 6x12 camera required a new pressure plate because that of the Press camera covers  only 6x9 and 6x7 format. Matt replaced it with a new piece,  handcrafted from sheet aluminium. In the earlier model the helicoid mounted lens was fitted to the camera body with the help of a plywood box. The later version mounts the helicoid on an aluminium plate mounted to the box.

To know more about the construction details of the camera and in Matt's own words, visit this forum post

Visit to view many beautiful examples of panoramic photographs taken by this camera

I thank Matt for allowing me to use the pictures and for some very helpful pointers. I also thank Olaf Matthes for bringing this camera to my attention.

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