Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yet another homemade 617 panoramic camera

The 6X17 format has long been a favorite of panoramic photographers. This 1:3 aspect ratio is popularized by the venerable Fuji 617 models and the Linhof Technorama in particular.
However, these outstanding workhorse cameras come with a proportional price tag, which only few can afford. Hence, with many large format lenses at their disposal, many photographers went ahead to construct their own alternative 6x17 panoramic cameras.
I came across this particular design by Christian Holmgaard, in an issue of Magnachrom magazine. Here are some examples of the photos taken by his hombrew 617. You can download the Magnachrom pdf issue from here. You can have a further look at Christian's portfolio too which includes some more shots taken by this camera.

NOTE: To get information on other homemade panoramic cameras, click on the "handmade panoramic camera" label below.

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