Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wideboy panoramic camera

The term 'wide' is so obviously associated to so many panoramic camera brands like the legendary Widelux to multi format Widepan. The name list would be incomplete without the inclusion of Wideboy, a swing lens design by Horsley Cameras. Though less known than it's popular cousins, nevertheless it is a very interesting camera.

Horsley Camera of UK fabricates many types of panoramic cameras and not only just the Wideboy. Their inventory boasts of many novel designs of swing lens, 360 DEGREE rotational and even 'steam driven panoramics' !!!!.

Have a look at their product catalog and sample image gallery taken by these great cameras.

Don't forget to visit the page of Mike Rignall, the brain behind the Wideboy. Besides, information on even more interesting cameras, including shift lens panoramics are there.

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