Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some more Jack Tait cameras

In continuation to the previously described cameras made by Jack Tait let me present some more from his inventory.

Here goes a little introduction about him: Mr. Jack Tait is a UK based camera maker. who constructed a number of beautiful precision cameras . Beside building cameras he  established  two schools of photography and one of design, written a few books and practiced as a freelance. He is also well known for building  'Taitographs', which are some very interesting analog plotting devices.

This particular camera is a 4x5 wide angle  metal camera with large amount of rising front and can be used with Horseman 6x12 back. The camera is now owned and used by a  professor in Lancashire for architectural work.
Do visit his website to know more about him, his cameras and other very interesting objects.
I thank Mr. Tait for providing information and pictures of  many  of his handmade cameras.

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